Internet Search Media receives an old school tweet today.

We were all a twitter today when a feathered friend bumped into us.

This morning, a small bird flew into one of the windows at our Cape Breton location. Our business marketing specialist, Mary Southwell, decided to go outside to see if it was hurt.

The bird took a liking to her and hopped up on her shoulder. It seemed in no hurry to leave so we took advantage of the photo opportunity.

After a few minutes of Mary walking it around and listening to its tweets – some that seemed to be longer than 140 characters, the bird finally flew away.

Never a dull moment.

We don’t get old school tweets like this every day and you certainly don’t have to fly into windows to contact us, but you can follow both Mary (@MarySouthwell) and Internet Search Media (@IntSrchMedia) on Twitter to stay up to date with current social media strategies and tips.